Fundy Investment Product Detail — Lulu Games

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3 min readAug 4, 2022

Last month, the second USDT investment product, Lulu Games, was uploaded on our fiat investment platform — Fundy. In the funding round, 50,000 USD was raised and the investment was closed at July 21, 2022.

In this article, we will introduce Lulu Games Fund in details.

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LULU Market is a community-driven Web 3.0 game that aims to build a healthy and sustainable blockchain application. It will bridge the metaverse and the real world by introducing a play-to-produce system. In Lulu Games, players can participate in DAO governance, stake to earn dividends, and acquire real goods.

Lulu Games is a type of GameFi based on farming with functions that allow players to experience the real market trading mechanism in the metaverse. Players can plant, collect and trade just like they do in the real world. Most importantly, goods produced in Lulu Games will be literally sent to the players’ home.

For more details regarding the in-game play, you might want to check the white paper:


LUCK Token

The Utility token LUCK is used throughout LULU Market ecosystem. It is an BEP-20 Utility token built on Binance Smart Chain.

Players use LUCK to purchase items such as seeds, lands, and other materials. Luck is also used to stake, upgrade land, and participate in DAO. Staking LUCK will provide users dividends at 00:00 UTC everyday.


LULU Market’s main objective is to provide the best user experience and create a healthy and stable ecosystem for our community.

Q3 2021

  • Project initiation
  • Overall game design and planning
  • Smart contract engine development
  • Release of LUCK token

Q4 2021

  • LULU land NFT mint
  • LULU land is open for purchase
  • LULU English & Chinese communities were established

Q1 2022

  • Global corporations established
  • LULU NFT trading opened
  • LULU Market Beta game released
  • LUCK token staking function and daily dividends released

Q2 2022

  • LUCK token audited
  • Set up LULU Market Vietnamese community
  • LUCK token listed on exchanges
  • LULU Market released more characters and facilities

Q3 2022

  • LULU Market V1.0 launched community DAO governance mode
  • The LULU town introduces a tax mechanism
  • Start farming competition mode
  • Set up guild
  • Farmers have more planting crops in option
  • Release LULU Market Game App (IOS&Android)

Q4 2022

  • Start guild governance and guild competitions
  • Extend cooperative merchants and in-game products
  • The in-game facilities sell at the auction
  • Release more game characters
  • Add mining area and animal raising gameplay


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Fundraising Result

The total fundraising of this product is 50,000 dollars, which is converted to 78,381 HSF as the collateral. The type of fundraising is private funding, with 1 years of fund life and 28% target net return. The platform charges 2% management fee for this product.