Fundy Investment Product Detail — Lulu Games



LUCK Token


  • Project initiation
  • Overall game design and planning
  • Smart contract engine development
  • Release of LUCK token
  • LULU land NFT mint
  • LULU land is open for purchase
  • LULU English & Chinese communities were established
  • Global corporations established
  • LULU NFT trading opened
  • LULU Market Beta game released
  • LUCK token staking function and daily dividends released
  • LUCK token audited
  • Set up LULU Market Vietnamese community
  • LUCK token listed on exchanges
  • LULU Market released more characters and facilities
  • LULU Market V1.0 launched community DAO governance mode
  • The LULU town introduces a tax mechanism
  • Start farming competition mode
  • Set up guild
  • Farmers have more planting crops in option
  • Release LULU Market Game App (IOS&Android)
  • Start guild governance and guild competitions
  • Extend cooperative merchants and in-game products
  • The in-game facilities sell at the auction
  • Release more game characters
  • Add mining area and animal raising gameplay



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