Hike Pad 101 — How to Use Metamask and Invest in Hike Pad?

Hillstone Finance
3 min readJul 28, 2022


Following the opening of HSF investment, we would like to provide a simple guide on how to use Metamask and invest in products listed on Hike Pad.

  1. Search & Enter
    “Chrome Web Store” on Google Chrome

2. Search “MetaMask”
— Double check the Blue Check mark beside

3. Install “MetaMask” via clicking “Add to Chrome”

4. Click “Get Started” once the following page gets displayed after installation

5. Click “Create a Wallet” to get started

6. Click “I agree” to help Metamask improve its service ; You can still create wallet even if you click “No Thanks”

7. Create password for your wallet. A new password needs to be created if Chrome is uninstalled or if there is a switching of browsers

8. Back up your secret phrase and DO NOT store it on your computer; store them on a safe place where only you can have access to

9. Select your seed phrase in right order. If done correctly, the ”Confirm” button should turn blue.

10. Click “All Done” : You now have your own MetaMask wallet

11. This is how your MetaMask main page should look like

12. Add “HSF” token on the wallet :

i) Search “HSF” on https://etherscan.io/

ii) Click “More” at the “Profile Summary” tab & “Add Token to MetaMask”

iii) Add suggested HSF token

iv) Confirm if HSF has successfully been added

13. Connect Metamask to Hike Pad
i) Click “Connect to Metamask” on the top-right side of Hike Pad

ii) Choose the account you want to connect & click “Next,” then “Connect”

14. You are now a “Hike Pad” investor! Check product list for investment! You can check your ETH & HETH balance on your account

Go to Hike Pad Homepage: