Hike Pad Product Introduction — DeepBrain Chain





  • Jul 2017, DeepBrain chain Project launch
  • Dec 2017, ICO Financing complete
  • Jan 2018, DBC Token listed on Huobi exchange
  • Aug 2018, DBC Computation Network is online
  • Nov 2019, DBChain goes live ( https://www.dbchain.ai )
  • Jul 2020, The first DeepBrain Chain-based enterprise cloud platform Congtu Cloud goes live. ( https://www.congtu.cloud )
  • Dec 2020, acquire 10,000 global user
  • May 2021, DBC nodes mainnet online ( https://www.dbcwallet.io )
  • Jun 2021, DBC Mainnet browser online( https://dbc.subscan.io )
  • Jul 2021, The number of GPU cloud platforms based on DeepBrain Chain exceeds 50
  • Jul 2021, Deep Brain Chain GPU computing mainnet starts public testing
  • Nov 2021, DBC GPU computing mainnet online https://galaxyrace.deepbrainchain.org/
  • Jun 2022, DeepBrain Chain computing power mainnet’s GPU number exceeds 1,700, with 85% occupancy rate

DeepBrain Chain Community Status

DeepBrain Chain’s Partners

Team Members



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