Hike Pad Product Introduction — NamuPlanet


Problems in Big Data Market

  • Insufficient collaboration
  • Absence of a global big data platform
  • Absence of applicable big data
  • Data abuse
  • Leakage of sensitive information
  • Insufficient data sharing
  • Lack of manpower for big data management
  • Privacy Infringement
  • Algorithmic error in data analysis
  • Low technology capabilities compared to developed countries
  • Lack of technology for big data management and analysis through M&A


  • Create innovation through convergence with other technologies
  • Gain highly utilized big data
  • Digital New Deal — Digital Transformation Through Digital Technology, Ecosystem Spread (2020.06)
  • Advanced Big Data Analysis Algorithms
  • Advanced Big Data Analysis Algorithms
  • Launched BigData-based FDS Solution
  • Entered IT Security Industry
  • UI/UX consulting group is formed
  • Build UI solution and business
  • Establishment of an affiliated research institute — Certification number (№20161115214)
  • Current CEO inauguration
  • MOU of an integrated web terminal based on HTML5 of Inswave
  • Technology Credit Guarantee Fund venture company certification
  • G)Registration of executives of the Fintech Federation
  • MOU for Web Standard Automatic Switching Project Based on Inswave W-Craft
  • AI-based anomaly detection system
  • Big Data Platform (NamuBIGinsight) Launched
  • Technology Research Institute’s copyright registration completed
  • Software Policy Research Institute’s Selection of Government Tasks — “Measures to Utilize and Spread Blockchain Technology to Small and Medium Businesses”
  • Capital increase (capital increase of 500 million won)
  • Completed registration of 5 copyright cases of technology owned by the research institute
  • Financial Integrated Regulatory Security Solution “FINE RegTech” Launches
  • Establishment of BI business department
  • BI Solution “Pando” Launches
  • Entering the Healthcare Market — UI/UX Consulting and Deployment
  • Convention on the Establishment and Operation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Exchange
  • Selection of network-type technology development support projects by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • “Data expert portal based on startup company data and self-service AI analysis” construction project
  • Select 2020 Data Voucher Support Project
  • Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) has been selected as the №1 company in the data construction project for artificial intelligence
  • Patent Application for Commercialization of Technology by the Seoul Business Agency
  • New Generation Expansion Z-ERP System Business Partner Agreement
  • Convention for Training of Human Resources in the Core Practice of Digital New Technology
  • Establishment of Busan Branch (Busan Research Institute)



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