Hillstone Announces the Official Launch of Hike Pad, a New Crypto Investment Platform

The First Project on Hike Pad — Incube Chain

  • Why Incube Chain? :
  • 3rd Party APis Use Case :
  • Driven result from ‘Squid Game’ :

Incube Chain Token Info

  • Total Supply
    30,000,000,000 ICB
  • Token Symbol
  • Token Price
    1 ICB = $0.0026
  • Amount raised in Hike Pad
    25000 USDT worth ETH, or 9,615,385 ICB
  • Investment Period
    2022.04.27 08:00 PM ~ 2022.04.28 08:00 PM (Korean Standard Time)
  • Lockup Period
    2022 04.27 00:00 AM ~ 2022.05.27 23:59 PM (Korean Standard Time)


  1. You must have 20 HSF deposited in your Metamask wallet account.
  2. Investment available only in Ethereum, and approximately 0.17 ETH of investment quota (approximately $500) for each account.
  3. Maximum participants: 50
  4. Investment lower than $500 will not be accepted.

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