Hillstone Creates A Billion dollar NFT Fund with Royal Strategic Partners of UAE

Hillstone Finance
2 min readApr 11, 2022
(Starting from the right) Director of Korea NFT Contents Association, CEO of Hillstone Partners, CEO of Royal Strategic Partners.

Kim (the director of Korea NFT Contents Association), Rayol Hwang (the CEO of Hillstone Partners), and Hamad Al Ali (the CEO of Royal Strategic Partners) have signed a partnership to establish Joint Venture. The purpose of Joint Venture is to create a joint fund used for investment in NFT and Metaverse.

Hillstone and Royal Strategic Partners (RSP) will establish Joint Venture in Singapore and Dubai after going through negotiations regarding investment process, target, and methodology. Two companies might start the joint investment that is worth one billion starting from this year.

Partnership Details

Kim, the director of Korea NFT Contents Association, will be the person in charge for operating Joint Venture. The one billion worth fund will be targeting blockchain based technology firms, crypto exchanges, K-POP contents, art works, real estates, health care and etc.

“UAE has been emerging as the business hub for blockchain and virtual assets. We expect a great synergy effect on oversea investment and the utilization of virtual assets through this partnership.” — Kim, the director of Korea NFT Contents Association

“NFT is the bridge between the real and virtual world; NFT has already established itself as a new investment method considering the current trend. Hillstone will utilize its global fund network for the best of this Joint Venture partnership” — Rayol Hwang , the CEO of Hillstone Partners

About Royal Strategic Partners

Royal Strategic Partners, is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Capital Group (ADCG) in UAE. It is a private investment company that has investments across various asset classes, industries and geographies. ADCG manages in-house well-diversified portfolios in global listed equities, fixed income and alternative investments.

About Hillstone

Hillstone is the earliest M&A company in Korea that has more than 20 years of track records. It now focuses on business related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Hillstone Finance is one of the examples that shows Hillstone’s specialty in traditional finance and digital finance. It aims to lower the entry barriers to finance by bridging the financial industry with blockchain.