Monthly Report Jan 2022

Welcome to Hillstone’s Monthly Report. January has been a fruitful month for Hillstone Finance. We are proud to tell you that HSF had reached $7 per HSF in this month; surpassing the original peak price. We are also happy to announce that Hillstone Reddit is created in order to reach more various audience and give them an investment opportunity.

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There are several more notes to take away for January:

NFT Seoul 2022

Hillstone Joined NFT Seoul 2022 as one of the primary investors. NFT Seoul 2022 is the biggest NFT conference that is ever held in Korea. Hillstone’s CEO Rayol Hwang joined this event as one of the main guest speakers and gave a speech regarding the Investment Opportunities in NFT Industry.

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There were two main partnerships signed in this month: partnership with GBSA and Gyeongsang National university.

GBSA is a public institution located in Gyeonggi-do, the biggest province in Korea. Hillstone and GBSA aim to accelerate regional startups and help them become a global company. The partnership has importance in that it is the first attempt from a public institution in Korea to adopt to crypto funding.

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The partnership with Gyeongsang National University (GNU) marks the beginning of public universities joining crypto movement. GNU is one of the biggest university in the region, and has specialties in medical technology.

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Listing on CMC and CoinGecko

Probably the biggest news for January, Hillstone is now listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Last month, Hillstone was first listed on MEXC, and maintained a steady rise in price. After listing on CMC and CoinGecko, the price of HSF just surged to the moon while the whole market was going down.

That concludes major events that has happened in January for Hillstone.

We Look forward to a productive February! More news coming soon.

About Hillstone Finance

Hillstone Finance is a blockchain project started by Hillstone Partners. Hillstone Finance aims to lower the entry barriers to investment by utilizing blockchain technology into the traditional finance industry. As a token for investing in financial products, HSF will allow every individuals to invest in any type of investment opportunities including private equities that were not accessible for retail investors.

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The First Asset-backed Cryptocurrency Platform

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Hillstone Finance

Hillstone Finance

The First Asset-backed Cryptocurrency Platform

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