The easiest way to invest in blockchain projects (with HikePad)

🖐 No more uncertain investments

Join HikePad! A stable token investment platform

Starting with the concept of investing in blockchain, it’s not easy to start from where, what, and which platform.

As a result, many investors are willing to start, but having a hard time getting started.

HikePad, run by Hillstone, is a blockchain investment platform for active investors who want to invest in such reliable projects.

🟣 Representative features of the HikePad platform

The representative functions are as follows :​

1) Investment

In Investment, you can check ongoing projects, check returns, fundraising periods, and view detailed information about the projects.

You can invest by clicking the ‘Invest’ button after connecting Metamask.

If you have HSF in your wallet, you can invest in projects by USDT or ETH in your wallet.

*Users can receive tokens invested after the lock-up period of the invested project.

*Projects that have not fulfilled the contract can be returned to HSF.

2) Staking

If you have an HSF or if you have a HSF or if you have a HSF back because your contract has not been fulfilled, you can earn more from the staking.

🟣 Advantages of HikePad

Unlike other investment platforms, the biggest advantage of HikePad is that it allows investors to protect their funds and provides a contract-based lock-up between investors and foundations(projects).

Lock-Up is a contract with the foundation that allows investors to invest reliably.

👉 Come and join HikePad!



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