Why did the Hillstone Project start? (9)

  1. “Player” review / “Sense Check” for Requested Offerings and Investment Opportunities
  • If it is a fund product, the asset management company, and if it is a direct investment product, the players in charge of auditing / admin / consignment of the target company (hereinafter referred to as “investment target”) will judge whether it is acceptable and appropriate in terms of local professional investment standards (Industry Reputation ) Hillstone investment experts in each region check in step 1
  • A sense check is conducted on how the product is recognized in the inventory, such as the structure, revenue type, and investment style of the product (a product that is rarely recognized locally as an investment opportunity and that local investors avoid investing).
  • Based on this basic player review/Sense Check, Global Hillstone Member writes comments on the product walkdown approach and walkdown level and sends them to the entire Hillstone Team
  • The ‘Hillstone’ evaluation framework calls for a “then assessment” of commodity risk (as a final primary assessment, such as recommendation/non-recommendation, which prevents users (investors) of the Hillstone from understanding in which of the various aspects of the product)
  • Global Macro / Local Market / Asset Category / Perform various evaluations in terms of product structure. Each private equity alternative has different factors to identify for each product/asset, and experts in each field can better identify these factors.
  • All Hillstone committee members’ final comments are collected through the risk report / comments written by the Hillstone member. At this time, each Global Hillstone expert’s opinion on how similar products were released in other regions or how the investment was made is inputted to the risk of the investment opportunity from the global perspective.



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